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The Ultimate Guide to
Winter in Norway

Winter in Norway is unlike any other time of year. With Polar night lasting from November to Mid January the days are covered with a blueish gray light. Exploring Oslo, Alta and Northern FInnmark. Winter affords you activities like dogsledding, reindeer herding with the Sàmi, searching for the northern lights and even staying in an igloo.

10 Photos that will inspire
you to Visit Norway in Winter

Norway is known for its Viking Culture tall mountains, glaciers and deep coastal fjords that beckon to be explored. Summer is a time to head out on foot, bike or by boat but winter offers something entirely unique. From chasing the Northern Lights, to walking with reindeer in the snow covered tundra. Here are ten photo to inspire you to visit Norway in Winter.

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Summertime in Norway is spectacular. Animals and plants spring to life after the snow and far north in the Arctic Circle after months of night the sun takes full control. With 24 hours of light for 70 days straight this is the hunt to find the best places to see the Midnight Sun. Visit the Northern Cape on this journey to experience eternal summer.

Winter offers a completely different experience for travelers to this Scandinavian country. Alice explores the city of Oslo, boating on the Fjords and enjoying an icy dip at the Fjord Sauna’s before heading north to dogsled, look for the Northern Lights and experience the Sàmi traditions of reindeer herding in the Arctic Circle.

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