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Hotels, especially large ones, have a huge impact on the environment but this Singaporean hotel is committed to achieving sustainability. The Marina Bay Sands is one of the most photographed and recognized hotels in Singapore. With beautiful and futuristic looks on the outside it’s what the hotel is doing inside that really counts. In 2014, Eco-Business announced that it was the first Southeast Asian venue to receive the ISO 20121 certification. It’s the international standard for sustainable event management with efforts to reduce carbon emissions and ensure environmental protection. Prior to that, the hotel had also been honored with the Green Mark Gold Award. This award is given to eco-friendly buildings that display exceptional efforts in reducing energy and resource consumption, improving indoor environmental quality, reducing waste and the potential environmental impact and provide clear plans on continuous improvement.

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I’m Alice Ford; and you are invited on my adventure of a lifetime. I am a stunt woman, green goddess and adventure junkie. I’m trying to explore as much as the world as I can while being Eco-friendly. 
In the words of Galileo;
We cannot teach people anything; we can only help them discover it within themselves.”
Come take this journey with me, learn the secrets of the world, discover yourself; what a beautiful world we live in and why we need to do more to cherish and protect it.

Set far off on a hill overlooking Tanzania’s Serengeti National Park  lies the Melia Serengeti Lodge.

The drive there took us from the open savannah where we saw lions, wildebeest and impala to the higher and more vegetated area of the park. Passing into taller grasses and trees we looked hard into the vegetation to try to spot antelope, elephants and leopard. ​
Up a hillside we climbed higher and the trees gave way to lush plants, as the pebbled driveway to the Melia come into view. As our car came around to the entranceway we saw the smiling faces of the management team and Masai warriors awaiting our arrival. ​

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La Fonda on the Plaza

History. That’s what draws us to many places and people throughout our lives. I had never been to Santa Fe New Mexico but it had a history that had always attracted me to it. ​
My grandparents Mary and Jim spent their honeymoon in Santa Fe in the 1950’s where they stayed at the La Fonda on the Plaza. They went back almost every year until they no longer could always staying at this same historic hotel. My mother went as a child, teen and then young adult, even taking my father in the early days of their courtship. When my grandfather took sick, my grandmother visited a few last times by herself bringing back her husband some roasted chilies and some of his other favorite delectables. My grandparents are now gone, but I remember the many stories and happy memories passed onto me from my grandmother Mary about her time in Santa Fe. My own mother is now getting older and with my father and her parents both gone it is history and memories that we hold onto. When I suggested visiting Santa Fe she said we had to stay at the La Fonda on the Plaza, carrying on her parents tradition.I knew nothing of La Fonda before we arrived and was blown away by the charm, decor, hospitality and history this hotel has. ​

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At the Eastern tip of Madeira Island you will find Machico, a beautiful landscape where the rocky outcroppings touch the sea. Tucked into the winding road on its own expanse of cliff side is The Quinta do Lorde hotel. A resort, marina and condominium complex on its own stretch of private ocean front.  A long gated driveway will usher you into the property.
As one of the most awarded green hotels in Portugal it is a great place to come for a visit. The Open air style hotel has several pools, one of which has an infinity edge to the ocean. It’s private beach and marina allow you to get as much beach and ocean time as possible. Scuba diving excursions leave right from the hotel marina, as well as many other ocean activities.

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Located along the picturesque Douro River near the village of Mosteiro is the Douro Royal Valley Hotel and Spa. It’s stark white modern exterior of this hotel is almost space age. It is a hotel with a strong opinion on nature and wine. Driving in your options are to enter through a garage door or walkway that takes you to an elevator enclosed in its own courtyard. Most hotels have an open driveway or round about. The Douro Royal Valley has a door that blends in with the white walls. I felt like I was entering some sort off limits private estate. A walkway led me to a white door, where I rang a buzzer. On the other side was a large yet empty room with one elevator.  For a moment I thought I was entering a secret outpost like the underlying’s of Area 51.

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Galo Resort is located on the Cliffside of the Garajua Marine reserve. A grouping of three hotels all with their own specialties like Ayurvedic healing, scuba diving or luxury. On my visit here I was a guest in their glamping hut, an off grid ocean side bungalow. Which quickly became the highlight of my entire trip to Portugal. I fell in love with the beauty of this place and also their commitment to the environment. Galo Resort has solar panels that create most of their electricity. They encourage experiencing nature and staying in shape, as well as helping the local community.

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Radisson Blu Aqua Chicago 
This great LEED Certified hotel is located along the loop and within walking distance to the lake, the Bean and Michigan Avenue. They have made great strides in using environmentally friendly products in building and designing their hotel. They encourage guests to refill water bottles instead of buying new ones. They also feature a fantastic restaurant and coffee shop on the first floor. Enjoy a relaxing evening or afternoon at their pool and deck with jogging trail, fire pits and lounging area. 

I loved this property. It has just 7 bungalows of 1 and 2 bedrooms on the property. You will love having a whole home to use with full kitchen, living room, dining area and huge bathroom. With so few bungalows your access to the amazing pool, hot tub, sauna, steam room and gym will be very private.

I loved this hotel. It has a great location and is walking distance to the heart of the city, theater district and elevator. Its modern elegance, wonderful amenities and fantastic restaurant were all icing on the cake to its fantastic location. The beautiful interior space is designed with a modern take on Feng Shui. Each room has different elements of the earth. The rooms were spacious with an open bathroom and shower to make the space seem more inviting. Super comfortable beds kept me sleeping soundly. They even provide a whole assortment of snacks, drinks and a great espresso maker for those late nights or early mornings.
They have a great spa as well, with all the spa services such as massages, facials etc. it also has a sauna, steam room, hot tub and fitness center.