Banff, Bucket lists and the Aurora Bourealis

A few weeks ago  I flew to Calgary and drove into one of North America’s greatest National Parks and a place on my bucket list. Banff was a place I had drooled over in photos for along time. With its clear blue glacial lakes, amazing hikes, epic ski trails and animals it was a place I had wanted to spend weeks in. I had to cram what I wished would be a week of adventuring, camping, hiking and exploring into just 36 hours. It wasn’t easy; but I sufficiently packed each day with as many things as humanely possible with my boyfriend in tow. We had managed to snag one of the last rooms at the Fairmont Bannf Springs Hotel, so after landing in Calgary and renting a car we headed towards Banff.
We drove out of town and through quite a bit of traffic. Towards the beginning of the mountains and finally past the park entrance and into Banff National Park. The first thing you will notice is the crystal blue river that snakes along side the highway. I also noticed the fencing and animal corridors, a massive stretch of protection for animals, so that they are injured by vehicles.
Lake Louise was our first stop, and it was beautiful. Extremely busy this lake will knock anyones socks off. We had to walk a good ways from our car, but it was worth it.
I bregugedly dragged my boyfriend up the TeaHouse trail which I insisted wasn’t far. It is however almost 2 miles each way and up hill. Since he had been working 6 days a week for 14 hours a day, this was not the best surprise. However the glacial lake and waterfall along the way made up for it. The top of the trail takes you to another small lake and a teahouse. A variety of teas, cakes, sandwiches and fresh made granola and lemonade awaited us.
Continuing our journey we drive into Yoho National Park to check out the fossil field. We happened to run into the Rocky Mountaineer on the way. Which, if you are looking for a great way to travel to the parks this is a great option.
When we finally made it to our monstrous and amazing hotel it was time for a dip in the hot tub and pools before they closed. Then we enjoyed some wine and cheese before turning in for the night.
The next day commenced with a visit to the Cave and Basin National Historic Site, the Sulphur Mountain Gondola, Hot Springs, and the Via Ferrata at Mt. Norquay. After which we had dinner in the town of Banff and headed to Lake Minnewanka to try to catch the Aurora Borealis while we fought falling into a comatose sleep.
​For more info on our adventure- Read the travel guide on the Canadian Rockies or watch my travel video.

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